Sinckler Calls for More of the Same

December 26, 2012

Do you think more of the same failed policies will get us out of this economic junk? Or, do we need a new direction?

That's the question that all Barbadians need to ask themselves before they head to the polls next year.

In his column in The Nation today, Sanka Price wrote:

While trying to grasp the full implications of (the downgrade), the response of MInister of Finance Chris Sinckler told us clearly that no matter who says what, Barbados' economy was on a specific path and there would be no deviation or variation from it.

It is on a path alright - a path to disaster! Moody's, not one to get involved in local politics, had some harsh words for Sinckler and the failed Freundel Stuart government that Price's column noted:

On Sunday, Moody's vice president and senior economic analyst Aaron Freedman in speaking frankly on Government's plan said the administration's Medium Term Fiscal Strategy "relies on some optimistic assumptions..."

Freedman also said that the island might have to consider an "internal devaluation of some sort." This means reducing real wages at a time of rising inflation...

While economies around the world are recovering, things in Barbados seem to be getting worse because of the gross fiscal mismanagement by the failed Freundel Stuart government. There's more bad news:

As if that wasn't enough gloom to dampen our Christmas preparations, Ryan Straughn, the president of the Barbados Economics Society (BES) stated that the economy could worsen unless the Government moved swiftly to correct its ills.

This next election will be a referendum on Freundel Stuart and his government's performance on the economy. If you think that the DLP's 10,000 lost jobs and a 30% increase in the cost of living is a good thing for Barbados, you know where to cast your X. But, if you're looking for competent leadership that is ready to govern and has a plan to turn the economy around, vote for change. Vote BLP.

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