Mr. Kerrie Symmonds M.P

St. James Central

Kerrie Drurard Symmonds is an Attorney-at-Law who served as Minister of State in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Foreign Trade. He was the youngest person to chair the Council for Trade and Economic Development, a group of CARICOM Ministers. His "Kerrie Care Development Programme" in St. James Central resulted in widespread road building and renewal, the introduction of Natural Gas and bus services to previously neglected areas, and the development of sporting and recreational facilities throughout the constituency. Kerrie is active in the community as an Executive Member of the Friends of St. James Central, is an honorary member of the Hoytes United Cricket Club and a member of the Rifle Club. He is an avid scuba diver, runner and a competitive dominoes player. He attends Hawthorne Methodist Church and is the father of a five year-old son, Kofi.

BLP Delivering for St. James Central

  • Improved and added lighting to the playing field at Bagatelle, St. Thomas
  • Established a pavilion at Hoytes Village
  • Created two residential developments of over 40 units each at Arch Hall, St. Thomas and Hoytes New Development in St. James.
  • Built 13 new roads across the constituency at Hoytes, Redman’s Village, Seaview, Fitts Village and Holders Hill
  • Installed Natural Gas at Seaview (Reeves Hill) and Redman’s VIllage
  • Started the "Kerrie Care Development Porgramme" that created jobs for people, fed the elderly, provided summer camps and improved economic opportunities across the constituency.

Our Vision for St. James Central

  • To create a vendors mall at Redman’s Village, St. Thomas
  • To create a Community Resource Centre in Fitts Village
  • To install lights and refurbish the Good Shepherd Playing Field
  • To build a Community Resource Centre at Good Shepherd
  • To create sporting facilities in Seaview
  • To install a sidewalk from Reeves Hill to Holetown
  • To create a Walk of Fame to celebrate the achievements of the constituency’s athletes and sports persons.

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Hoytes Village, St. James